Open weekends in May
Open 7 days a week Memorial Day Through Halloween

 Historical Tour: 10:00am

  • Hermit of Lake Champlain
  • Fort Frederick
  • Catholic hospital
  • Original Courthouse
  • City Hall
  • Whipping tree
  • Founder of UVM
  • Oldest surviving home in Burlington
  • Oldest cemetery
  • Waterfalls
  • Site of first mill in town
  • Old Woolen mills
  • Buffalo Soldier's barracks
  • Vermont National Guard
  • Military cemetery
  • St. Michael's College
  • Stagecoach stop
  • Oldest Tavern
  • Oldest Fraternity
  • Military museum
  • Military base from War of 1812
    Military Hospital from War of 1812
    Old orphanage
    Homestead & museum of founding father of Vermont
    Sea caves
    Chief Wawanolewat's statue
    Infamous Burlington Fires
    Church involved in Underground Railroad

Highlights of the City 12:00pm

  • Sailing Center
  • Vermont's largest farmer's market
    Restaurants preferred by locals
    Performing Arts Center
    Tour boats, and Ferry
    Dive Shop
    Hotels & B&B's
    Shopping districts
    4 different breweries
    One of New England's best brew pubs
    Cider house
    Burlington's Art District
    Segway Tours
    Champlain Chocolate Factory tours
    Paddle surfing at Oakledge
    Rock climbing at Petra Cliffs
    Burton Snowboard flagship store, museum, and factory tours
    Fleming Museum of Art
    Waterfalls & walking paths
    Burlington's best wine shop and bar 
    Redrocks Park, beach, & hiking trails

Brew Tour: 2:00 pm

Sample Some Of Our Favorite Brews. Ride along with us as we stop in to sample our featured breweries and their finest brews.  Hear about the history of how they came to be and have a little food & drink along the way.

  • Magic Hat Brewery
  • Switchback Brewery
  • Queen City Brewery
  • Zero Gravity


The "Haunted Tour" 6:00pm

  • Haunted restaurants
  • Whipping tree
  • Prohibition Tunnel
  • Haunted brew pub
  • Old orphanage
  • Paupers graveyard
  • Home of tragic Revolutionary War hero
  • Home of America's first serial murderer
  • Serial murderer that was born in Burlington
  • Haunted dorm at UVM
  • Haunted Woolen Mills
  • Haunted bridge
  • Haunted fraternity
  • Haunted home of steamboat captain
  • Haunted steamboat
  • Home of spiritualist
  • Haunted home of Vermont governor
  • Pigman
  • Haunted home of president of railroad
  • Site of recovered bones of soldiers from War of 1812
  • Grave-robbing