Historical Tours in Burlington, Vermont

Historical Trolley Tours Of Burlington offers exciting, educational, and scenic historical tours in Burlington, Vermont. Visitors will also enjoy fantastic sunsets and scenic views, narrated by  "old timer" named Wilber, explaining the history of the town and it's local landmarks. 

Historical Trolley Tours depart from the Information Center Parking Lot at the College Street Waterfront (1 College Street, Burlington, VT). All of our tours are approximately 90 minutes long ending back at the original departure location. Our Trolleys seat approximately 34 passengers, and are wheel chair accessible (please call ahead for handicap arrangements).

Tickets may be purchased at the Trolley and online at www.trolleytoursvt.com .

Tour Highlights: 

East Tour:

The East tour includes—founder of UVM, site of original courthouse, founder of hospital’s gravesite, Fort Frederick, Fanny Allen hospital, old Fort Ethan Allen and Buffalo Soldier’s barracks, Military Museum, Military Cemetery, original building at St. Michael’s College, volunteer fire station, stagecoach/tavern and one of Burlington’s oldest homes, first fraternity home at UVM, President of UVM’s home, founder of Home for Destitute Children’s home, Grasse Mount, home of U.N. Ambassador, Ethan Allen Club, haunted restaurant, Vermont National Guard, first hospital in Burlington, site where America’s second successful steamboat was built, and lots more!

North Tour:

This is just some of which you will see on the North Tour—the founder of Vermont’s homestead, Sea Caves, Native American monument, historic cemeteries, old orphanage, historic churches, oldest existing fire station, founder of Burlington’s hospital homestead, oldest tavern, civil war hero’s homes, first teaching facility, and medical building at UVM, home of first female graduate of UVM, Union Station, Burlington sculptures, home of America’s first serial murder, stage coach owner’s home, site of Ben and Jerry’s first store, underground railroad stop, War of 1812 military parapet, locations of infamous fires, and much, much more!


South Tour:

When you come on this tour, these will be some of the things that you will see—one of Burlington’s railroad baron’s homes, Burlington’s first doctor’s home, old seminary, toxic waste dump site, old textile factory and company housing, stories about some of Lake Champlain’s islands, historic lighthouse, Switchback Brewery, Champlain Chocolate factory, historic park, Burton Snowboard Factory, home of the person who spearheaded the campaign to discover the North Pole, Champlain College, teacher’s retirement home, home of first micro-surgeon in the world, home of first person to drive across America in a motorized vehicle, old pharmacy, and on, and on! 

**After your tour, you may not ever look at these places the same way ever again, which could be a good thing, or bad---you decide… Some people have said “I’ve lived here a long time and never knew these places even existed”, we take you to those places and tell you stories about our lovely city that many people never knew and you will be pleasantly surprised too! Keeping Our History Alive!

 2015 Tour Schedule:

New Departure Times: 2015

2015 Spring Tours: May 2nd To May 22rd (Saturdays & Sundays)

          Departing at: 12 noon (East Tour)  Saturdays & Sundays Only

                                   2pm (North Tour) Saturdays & Sundays Only

                                   4pm (South Tour) Saturdays & Sundays Only

2015 Summer/Fall Tours: May 23 to October 31

          Departing at: 12 noon (East Tour) Seven Days A Week

                                   2pm (North Tour) Seven Days A Week

                                   4pm (South Tour) Seven Days A Week                                      

2015 Fall/Winter Tours: November 1 to November 26th

           Departing at: 12 noon (East Tour)  Saturdays & Sundays Only

                                   2pm (North Tour) Saturdays & Sundays Only

                                   4pm (South Tour) Saturdays & Sundays Only 

Call for Information about inclement weather departures 877-765-1224


Chartered & Private Tours Available Year Round Call For An Appointment 


Ticketing, Boarding & Departing at: The Information Center Parking Lot 

(at the West End of College Street at Lake Champlain). 

Tour Prices:

  Adults:            $24.00

  Seniors:          $20.00 (over 60)

  Children          $12.00  Ages 12 to 17

  Children           (Free)  Under 12


(See your Conductor for Details)

OR ONLINE at: www.trolleytoursvt.com

Payment Options: MasterCard, Visa, Amex or Cash,

                             Sorry, No Personal Checks!

Mountain, Historical Tours in Burlington, VT

Chartered & Private Tours Available Year Round Call For An Appointment 

Spring of 2015:

"It's Here!" The long awaited "East Tour", and you thought the "North & South Tours" were fantastic! See sites you never knew existed. Learn about historical events, people, and places.

South Tour Passenger Quote: 

"I've lived here for over 40 years and never knew some of these places even existed!

Great tour, Thank you!"



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